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‘’Lisa is just fantastic at her job! Professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I am so thankful for all of the support after attending her hypnotherapy for birth and pregnancy  sessions while pregnant with my son who was born 31st July 2019. Harry William Ironmonger.
After a difficult couple of years and two losses, Lisa helped me maintain a positive outlook on this third pregnancy by helping me relax in our weekly sessions and teaching me self-hypnosis.
Lisa also helped me focus on feeling in control which brought a sense of calm to my day to day. (She even took time to explain the science behind the brain along with diagrams!)
The whole experience totally empowered me and I felt excited for the birth and without fear... yes this is actually true!
The techniques she taught me were simple, effective and straight forward. I felt completely prepared and in control, something needed with being induced and having a 24+ hour labour resulting in a C-section!
I highly recommend anyone to try hypnotherapy and especially for birth along with other holistic remedies. (The high doses of pain relief were also much appreciated may I add!) I believe the mind is extremely powerful and we are able to help ourselves more if we know how- all with he helps of a professional like Lisa.
My midwife also complimented me on how relaxed and calm I was throughout a lot of the difficult and most painful part of my birth. Yes it was extremely painful but I will say hypnobirthing reduced my stress and eliminated my fear/anxiety.
I will definitely be back to see her soon no doubt and will continue to practice self-hypnosis.’’

Laura, Caythorpe 18 August 2019

‘’ Lisa is brilliant. Having personal experience of anxiety and depression she is better placed than anyone to help you break the cycle and help you re-set to a more positive approach to life. What lisa does really works. She’s recently helped my son and husband with the mental resilience they needed to complete a charity cycle from London to Paris. This would have been challenging enough but they had to do it in temperatures of up to 45 degs. Without lisa’s help I honestly think they might not have made it.’’

Sam, Caythorpe, 13 August 2019

‘’We can see a real difference and our child can rationalise situations so much better.’’

Anonymous parent, 12 August 2019

‘’You have helped me so much the change is almost unbelievable’’

Anonymous Grantham 29 July 2019

'’.So today I got my dissertation results, I got 65% which is a 2:1!! I’m absolutely over the moon! I couldn’t have got through it without the wonderful support from Lisa. The positive thinking worked amazingly and the weekly sessions we had helped me completely refocus and I’m looking forward to continuing these. Thanks so much for everything 😀very much appreciated 😀’’

Colette, Caythorpe, 16 July, 2019

‘’I wasn’t sure what to expect from hypnotherapy, but it’s fair to say I’m now a convert! Lisa is focused on helping you discover a better approach. I’m more relaxed, positive and focused on the goals I wanted to work on. Lisa is welcoming, professional and works with you to unlock results. Brilliant sessions that have made a significant difference. Highly recommended.

I’ve recently been back to Lisa to help with my preparation for a 500km charity bike ride from London-Paris. We rode during the hottest day on record in that part of France. The visualisation and focus techniques Lisa helped me with were a massive part of just getting me through a very gruelling day, and keeping me going for the rest of the ride. Not sure I’d have completed it without Lisa’s help. She was brilliant!’’

Mark, Caythorpe, 7 July 2019

‘’Lisa is very professional and will achieve a very positive outcome to any challenge to the important feeling of wellbeing and an inner peace. I spoke with Lisa for a number of sessions and always came away feeling more centred, happy and with a greater zest for life. I highly recommend Lisa’s therapy techniques and would always look to her in the future if needed. Thanks Lisa.’’

Tony , Caythorpe, 6 July 2019

‘’As a veteran of many therapies and therapists over the years, specifically for anxiety and depression I was fairly open minded as to whether Lisa could help me or not.

I made contact via her website and she responded within a matter of hours.

She was friendly and sympathetic but most of all very positive she could help.

And help she has!

I took advantage of her initial free consultation and have been seeing her on a regular basis ever since.

I now find it difficult or even impossible to have any negative thoughts about myself and my mood has improved immensely.

There is still a bit more work to do but I think we are nearing the end of this particular session.

Just as a side note for anyone who hasn’t experienced clinical hypnotherapy before. You are completely in control of what’s happening, you are completely aware of what’s happening but you are deeply relaxed and open to suggestion which in this case is healing for the mind. 

Thank You Lisa.’’

M, Grantham 6 July 2019

‘’I have been to a number of sessions with Lisa and all I can really say is it’s great!!! She puts you at ease explains everything you need to know, always willing to ensure you’re getting the best help. The sessions are good, they stretch your mind and make you think about things, Lisa has really helped me, and I would suggest whatever your issue is, talk to Lisa first, she is honest and if she can help she will. Lisa thank you.’’

Neil, Caythorpe, 20 May 2019


‘’Loving the sun and feeling optimistic for first time in a long time.’’

M, Grantham, 14 May 2019

‘’I was not really sure what to expect, so approached this with an open mind. Lisa is very professional and put me at ease immediately, fully explaining the process we would be following. I went to Lisa with a spider phobia, and having had a few sessions with her, have certainly seen a change in my behaviour. I am not claiming to now love them, but I no longer react in the same way as I used to.’’

Derek, Sleaford 15 May 2019

‘’I did some sessions with Lisa to prepare myself mentally to take part in the Marathon des Sables (6 marathons in 6 days, self-supported, in the Sahara Desert), known as "the toughest footrace on the planet"! Initially, I was a little sceptical in terms of how hypnotherapy could possibly help me cover 156 miles in 40-plus degrees of heat. How wrong could I have been? From the moment I left home to the moment I arrived back, my mental fitness never once let me down. Why? Lisa and I had already "run" the race through in my mind several times. Pretty much everything that happened during my life-changing adventure came as no surprise...Lisa had helped me to visualize everything that would or could possibly happen. She helped me to focus on only the positives, and despite the extreme physical challenges, blisters and pain, I remained upbeat, positive and full of humour, much to the surprise (and annoyance, I think) of my tent-mates who finished each day much, much faster than me. I cannot thank Lisa strongly enough for the part she played in our success. She comes with my highest recommendation.’’

Sunil, Ruskington, 30 April 2019


‘’Lisa is so easy to talk to. l would recommend her to go and help you as l haven't finished my sessions yet but I'm really feeling better in myself. 😊’’

Tara, Sleaford 11 April 2019

‘’Lisa sent me her relaxation session to listen to as I was having trouble getting off to sleep and staying asleep. Her voice is lovely to listen to (she sounds like Hermoine Norris) and I was asleep before the end of the session. I’ve used it a few times and hear different things each time, so it doesn’t feel like you’re listening to the same session. Would love to try hypnotherapy sessions with her but live too far away!’’

Louise, Blackpool 10 April 2019

‘’Lisa, really appreciate what you have done for my mental wellbeing, I’ll gladly recommend you. You’ve been fantastic.’’

T, Grantham, 27 March 2019

‘’Took me from negative thoughts and feelings to how I am now. More control over my life and believing in myself. Thank you to this lady with these sessions I believe I can conquer anything life throws at me now.’’

Gail, Caythorpe 12 March 2019 

‘’Lisa is very friendly and professional, she explained things to me in great detail and made me understand what’s making me feel like I do.’’

Lou, Grantham, 3 March 2019

‘’I have been seeing Lisa for some months. I find the sessions very relaxing and always come out with a positive mindset. Would recommend Lisa to anyone.’’

Amy, Caythorpe, 1 March 2019

‘’Lisa sent me the relaxation recording that she gives to each client - I told her that I’d recently had trouble getting to sleep when my partner was away - omg I listened to it last night - her voice is so relaxing and calm - guess what - I fell asleep before the end of the recording and slept all night - thank you Lisa I will be listening to you again tonight.’’

Jane, Sleaford 6 February 2019

‘’I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sessions as I had never done anything like this before. I went with an open mind and was willing to see if this would help with my anxiety and depression issues. Within a few sessions people around me started to notice a difference in my personality, that I was bubblier, more confident, focused and less stressed. Hypnotherapy has certainly helped with my positive thinking and has made me feel so much better about myself as a person and where I want to be. I feel more equipped to deal with issues that life may throw up. As we all know life is not always easy or perfect and as humans we are often pushed to what we believe are our limits but we are strong and we are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for The mind is a powerful tool that we should look after and nurture and knowing that it is perfectly normal not to feel OK sometimes but being able to understand these feelings and have the ability to turn things around has certainly had a huge impact on my life. I highly recommend Lisa Hartford, she really has helped me and for that I am very grateful.’’

Lucienne, Sleaford 15 January 2019